Through Rex's Eyes 

By Trish Burrows

Rex is a German shepherd dog that was born with a deep awareness of his purpose in life and many things he would encounter on his journey. As he dealt with the physical struggles of his body, he never veered far from his purpose with his human mom. Being a dog presented some limitations that required him to maneuver carefully through a human environment to achieve his goals. The blending of the spiritual awareness of Rex and his human mom allows a special bond to form, resulting in a unique relationship that greatly benefited them both. This book will take you deeper than just the event of daily life of Rex and will leave you looking at the deeper meanings of relationships with your animals and the humans in their lives. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: For nearly two decades Trish has been helping clients around the world to better understand the many needs of their animals and the spiritual connections they have together. Her special bond with animals since childhood helped prepare her for Rex's unique life and the work she does with others.

Readers Reviews

"I loved this book. It's a great, quick read, with lots of insight into our special companions perspectives. Rex's journey and profound life changing purposes with his human mom is incredible. His perspective about other dogs and humans in his life is very heartwarming and special. Humorous at times - I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. Makes you love and respect our companions even more, by giving you ideas about what they might be thinking. Such a wonderful and special bond Rex had with his human mom. Highly recommned reading."


“What a sweet book about a dog's life with his owner. This was a nice book to read while traveling on an airplane and waiting in the airport. Not overly complicated or serious that you must pay attention and remember details as you read. I am having issue with my young dog right now and by reading the book it gives me reason to think - what in the world is he thinking by doing that?!! --- Highly recommend!”